Emergency Notifiction1

Board of Education Meeting 3/18/20

Our District has conferred with multiple sources about our meeting this evening. Our Board of Education Solicitor as well as the Executive County Superintendent of Schools have both indicated that no guidance is currently available for any extensions to the required submission of our preliminary budget by March 20, 2020. As required by the Open Public Meeting Act, and required through the timelines proposed through the New Jersey Department of Education, this evening’s BOE meeting is being held as scheduled. We have conferred with our attorney and the County Office of Education and will continue to take steps so that we can complete the business of our meeting. This includes social distancing measures, availability for hand washing and sanitizer, as well as postponement of any outside organization presentations and student recognitions until a later date. We thank you for supporting us through this effort and assisting us in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of our school community.

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